$50 INSTANT Rebate on Restylane Fillers (thru May 31st, 2017)!

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$50 Instant Rebate on the Restylane family of Dermal Fillers

(Plus, you now earn $20 “Restylane Loyalty Bucks” with each syringe)

(May 1st thru 31st, 2017)


  Restylane-L (the original HA Dermal Filler)

Reg. Special Price $430 – $50 instant rebate

                           Now just  $380!

Restylane-Lyft (the new uplifting filler)

Reg. Special Price $445 – $50 instant rebate

                           Now just  $395!

Restylane-Silk-Box 12 degrees left

Restylane-Silk (Specially formulated for lips)

Reg. Special Price $445 – $50 instant rebate

                           Now just  $395!




If not a great value in itself . . . 

You also earn another $20*

* You now earn $20 in Restylane Bucks* for every syringe of Restylane-L, Restylane-Lyft & Restylane-Silk filler you purchase toward your next purchase of the Restylane Family of fillers or Dysport

<<<We use only US FDA approved product direct from the manufacturer >>>

* some restrictions apply. Please call for details (818) 551-1682

** Fuller Correction is subject to the particular needs of each individual.  2-3 syringes of ‘support filler” (such as Restylane-Lyft), in most cases is considered a “Full Correction” in many patients 40-60 years of age depending on patient’s treatment goals.


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