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This is the best kept secret of Glendale. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and courteous while the doctor’s are extremely helpful and have stopped me on many occasions from spending too much money and making dumb mistakes with my face.
Best of all, their prices and specials are amazing. I have yet to find a place with this type of experience and know-how at these prices.

I am a regular customer now, be it for the occasional miracle or just a good shampoo.

Love these folks.

Bunny M., Los Angeles, CA
have been going to O U beauty since it opened.

Marion RN is THE BEST

She is very professional and I trust her suggestions 100%
Best prices in town and Great place to shop for cosmetics

Hilda A., Los Angeles, CA
I honestly didn’t think it was possible to love this place any more than I already do. I dropped in today to have a botox touch up and whilst looking over my chart, Liza expressed concern, given the date of my last visit, that my previous treatment hadn’t held up particularly well. She left the room for a moment and when she returned she told me that they were comping me for the areas I’d had treated last time and charging me only for the treatment on my glabella. Integrity of this magnitude is such a rarity these days, I’m beyond impressed. Thank you.
Renae B., Los Angeles, CA
I couldn’t be happier with Debbie!! She’s so knowledgable, gentle, precise, SWEET..I can go on. Also, you don’t feel like she’s trying to sell or make a commission on you. She honestly just wants to do an amazing job and make you happy! My lips look incredibly natural, and she listened to exactly what I was looking for. I’m very particular, and am a nurse myself so take my word on this; if she’s available do yourself a favor and swoop her off the books!
Lyndsay T., Newport Beach, CA
I had a consult with Debbie she happily answered all my questions. She was super sweet and patient! She has a good eye for what looks nice, yet followed what I was looking for as well. I am very pleased with my experience here. I will definitely be coming back to O U Beauty (&Debbie specifically) in the future if the results last long enough because I am extremely happy with the look Debbie gave me! A++
Monica M., San Dimas, CA
This is the perfect place to get any type of treatment done! The staff is kind, friendly and knowledgable on all the procedures, and make sure to accommodate their customers with the utmost amount of care.

They have their prices listed conveniently online, and have been the cheapest I found for the quality of work they do.

I would definitely come back here again. In fact, my sister comes back every couple of months for touch ups to her lip injections.

Christine H., Pasadena, CA
I LOVE this place, and although I have not tried *everything* by any means, I have gotten a few different minor procedures when I wasnt looking my best, or times of stress had worn me down, or when I was fed up with shaving this spot or that.

It is SUPER FRIENDLY and omg, casual compared to the ridiculous 90210 places. Ya’ll can keep it.

Accommodating? I have gotten same day appointments!

I LOVE that they are straight forward with their prices. They are right there front and center on their webpage so you dont have to endure the awkward inquiry. So many places want to get a good look at you before they decide what you will pay. I find that infuriating, so that Oh U! is so upfront is a breath of fresh air.

I have only seen 2 of the nurses and one aesthetician, and I think thy are all wonderful. I was very terrified my first time there, and they were all really patient with me even if they were probably laughing when I turned around. Watching all those ageless nurses walking around looking like Grecian goddesses carved out of marble was enough for me to put my trust in them, but they tried to put me at ease by informing me too.

I have read some reviews about people feeling offended here, and I just have to eyeroll, because I know all these women are all hysterical and over sensitive. These are people too. They get sick, have bad days and other worries besides your tiny blemishes and personality disorder!

I will say this specifically from my experience:
Liza (who happens to be my favorite) may be a little short on the butt-kissing people expect when they visit these places, but she is a MASTER of botox, and worth enduring any imagined insult your little ego invents.

Pull up your big girl panties and dont be so sensitive, and you will leave looking 100% better in almost no time, no pain, and no money surprises.

What mare could a girl want?

Clover L., Los Angeles, CA
I wrote a review not too long ago about my experience here. I had been here a few times for facials and microdermabrasion. Each time I made my appointments it was with Olivia, who was SUPER sweet and very knowledgeable in what she does. I never really saw much of a difference in my skin, which is why I never really came back.

My opinion changed about this place recently when I went in for lip injections. I met with Ami, one of the registered nurses. She took her time to listen to my questions and concerns. She was very knowledgeable in her field and made me feel at ease. She was incredibly sweet and spoke to me throughout the procedure. After she was done I got exactly what I was looking for.

I woke up the next morning, since I have never had restyline injections, my lips were incredible swollen; to a point where they looked comical. I called back and the girl at the front desk was incredibly sweet. She assured me that I need to just wait a few days until everything settles in and then I will see the results. Sure enough, a few days in I am absolutely amazed at the results.

This place has the sweetest employees and it seems like they really care about the patients well being. I would highly recommend Ami for any Botox or any other kind of injections. She is very skilled and genuinely knows what she is doing.

Linet O., Los Angeles, CA