14th Anniversary Botox® Duet Special

October 1st-31st, 2021

Get 24 units of Botox for as low as $7.87a unit
with the Purchase of any of out great Juvederm offerings

Via our instant $50 Combo Rebate. 24 units of Botox® with instant $50 off = $7.87* per unit!

* ‘Effective cost’ based on exactly 24 units. Each unit after 24 is at our everyday low price of $9.95 a unit. (i.e., 30 units x 9.95 = $298.50 then $298.50-$50=$248.50 then $248.50/30 units = $8.02 per unit); another example (40 units x 9.95 = $398 then $398-$50=$348 then $348/40 units = $8.70 per unit)

Juvederm Ultra-XC (1.0cc) $420* + $20 Loyalty Points earned

Juvederm Ultra Plus-XC (1.0cc) $420* + $20 Loyalty Points earned

Juvederm Voluma-XC  (1.0cc) $645* + $20 Loyalty Points earned

Juvederm Volbella-XC  (0.55cc) $395* $20 Loyalty Points earned

NEW! Juvederm Vollure-XC  (1.0cc) $495* $20 Loyalty Points earned


When get this special we register you for ANOTHER $50 rebate on 24+ units of Botox (no filler purchase required) after 90 days (2nd treatment must be between 90 after initial treatment and no later than August 31st, 2018)


You still can earn an additional $20 “loyalty” credit toward your subsequent treatments for an effective cost as low as $6.04 per unit* (plus you’ll earn the Loyalty Points on your Juvederm purchase – as listed above)

* based on exactly 24 units plus the $20 earned in loyalty points for future treatment. This promotion must be used a minimum of 90 from last treatment that earned loyalty point as per the FDA.

Questions? Call 818-551-1682 for details.