The Xeomin/Radiesse COMBO


(Good from January 18th through 31st, 2018)


Buy 24+ unit of Xeomin for just $7.95 per unit


and get one “Jumbo” (1.5cc) syringe of Radiesse

 for just


Radiesse. The Superb ‘Longer Lasting Filler’ with 50% more (1.5cc)!
That’s an effective cost of just $234 per cc.

(Current Promo price is just $450)
(Reg. Price for  1.5cc “Jumbo” syringe of Radiesse $575)

We use only USFDA approved Xeomin and Radiesse direct from the manufacturer.
* price reflects $100 instant rebate. additional syringes will be priced at the current promo price of $450.

Xeomin is a Botox (relative) equivalent of Botox based on industry studies.

Radiesse is a long lasting dermal filler that enhances collagen growth with it’s unique microspheres. These microscopic sterile spheres act as a scaffold for collagen growth which further enhances the filler. So, unlike HA fillers, not only do you get the immediate results of 1.5cc of great filler, but an extended effect through collagen stimulation from it’s microspheres.