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$4.79* Botox w/ JuvedermBotox Juvederm packaging Valentine’s Special

Botox and Juvederm are the world’s leading prescription products for the fight against fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.  OU Beauty is one of the nation’s leading providers of these products over the last 11 years.

February 1st-14th, 2020

Get 24 units of Botox for as low as $4.79a unit
with the Purchase of any of out great Juvederm offerings

Via our instant $100 Combo Rebate. 24 units of Botox® with Juvederm = instant $100 off = $4.79* per unit
USFDA full strength Botox direct from Allergan US

* ‘Effective cost’ based on exactly 24 units. Each unit after 24 is at our everyday low price of $8.95 a unit. (i.e., 30 units x 8.95 = $268.50 then $268.50-$100=$168.50 then $168.50/30 units = $5.62 per unit); another example (40 units x 8.95 = $358 then $358-$100=$258 then $258/40 units = $6.45 per unit)

Juvederm Ultra-XC (1.0cc) $420* + $20 Loyalty Points earned
Juvederm Voluma-XC

Juvederm Ultra Plus-XC (1.0cc) $420* + $20 Loyalty Points earned

Juvederm Voluma-XC  (1.0cc) $595* + $30 Loyalty Points earned
Juvederm Volbella-XC

Juvederm Volbella-XC  (1.0cc) $495* $30 Loyalty Points earned

NEW! Juvederm Vollure-XC  (1.0cc) $495* $30 Loyalty Points earned



You still can earn an additional $20 “loyalty” credit toward your subsequent treatments for an effective cost as low as $3.95 per unit** (plus you’ll earn the Loyalty Points on your Juvederm purchase – as listed above)

** based on exactly 24 units plus the $20 earned in loyalty points for future treatment. This promotion must be used a minimum of 90 from last treatment that earned loyalty point as per the FDA.

* Minimal restrictions apply – Click for details

*** We use only US FDA approved product direct from the manufacturer and at full strength **

Visit Product and Safety Information for FDA approvals and safety information.

Questions? Call 818-551-1682 for details.