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At OU Beauty in Glendale and Los Angeles, we strive to offer specials on Botox that are a better value than a Botox Coupon! As one of the top 100 Botox injectors in the United States and a top injector in Southern California, we can offer you amazing savings on your next Botox treatment. 

We get ALL of our Botox direct from Allergan (the manufacturer). This means it is manufactured here, in the U.S., shipped in dry ice and stored by strict USFDA standards for maximum potency.

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We’re honored to be designated as a Black Diamond practitioners by Allergan. The Black Diamond designation is awarded only to an elite group of medical aesthetics practices who are among the top one percent of all Allergan’s injectors in the United States. This includes a very small group out of more than thirty thousand accounts in the United States offering Allergan products. 

We only use Botox purchased direct from the Allergan, the manufacturer. This means that shipping and storage meets the strict standards of the USFDA and Allergan and ensures maximum potency!

Botox Special Offer for the month of May

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OU Beauty not only offers some of the best values in the Southland, but our reputation is built on our celebrated and friendly Certified Advanced Injectors. That’s why OU Beauty has been voted the Best Medical Spa 13 years running (by the readers of the Pasadena Weekly).

Quality of Botox used

USFDA Botox shipped directly from the manufacturer is one of the most important facets of having full strength Botox. Botox is shipped from it’s manufacturing headquarters in Texas by overnight courier in FDA approved dry-ice containers. At OU Beauty, we only use this Botox (direct from manufacturer) and store it per FDA regulation. Unfortunately, some operations purchase less expensive Botox from brokers that originate overseas. This means the product can be of older manufacturing date, long shipment times and no verified chain of possession regarding proper storage. There has been much discussion through the years about whether or not this should be a legal practice, but there have recently been increased legal actions taken against this practice across more and more jurisdictions in the United States.

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