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Jakob and mama (Sharon Canet) That’s one fine looking kid.



Effective September 1st
While Supplies Last7

Get 24 units of Botox for as low as $6.87* a unit

Via our instant $50 Rebate 24 units of Botox with instant $50 rebate = $7.87* per unit!

* based on exactly 24 units. Each unit after 24 is $9.95 a unit. (i.e., 30 units x 9.95 = $298.50; $298.50-$50=$248.50; $248.50/30 units = $8.28 per unit); another example (40 units x 9.95 = $398; $398-$50=$348; $348/40 units = $8.70 per unit)

And if that wasn’t enough . . .

You will qualify for another $50 rebate on your next Botox treatment of 24+ units (after the required FDA 90 days waiting period). That’s the same savings all over again! Second treatment must be minimum of 90 days from this promotional treatment with the second treatment being done no later than August 28th, 2018.

But hold on . . . there’s even more savings.

You can still earn another $20 in “loyalty” credit toward your next treatment for an effective cost as low as $6.04 per unit*

* based on exactly 24 units pluse the $20 earned in loyatly points for future treatment and
providing each promotional treatment occurs a minimum of 90 days apart as per the FDA.



  • We manage the “rebate” loyalty program for 99% of our clients.
  • No ‘sandwich’ cards to carry, no passwords to remember, no apps to download.
  • That means, when your treatment is done, previously earned rebates are automatically deducted, new ones applied to your account and you just pay the amount that’s left.
  • We do the work, you get the savings, we watch you smile.

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