Botox/Juvederm $50 Instant Rebate DUET Plus FREE Latisse (October 7th-13th)

//Botox/Juvederm $50 Instant Rebate DUET Plus FREE Latisse (October 7th-13th)

$50 DUET Instant Rebate +
FREE Latisse

***October 7th thru 13th, 2015 ***


Get 20+ units of Botox at just $8.95BOTOX_Bottle

and you’ll get 1 syringe of Juvederm for


Juvederm Ultra-XC (1.0cc) $345

(Existing Special Price  $400)Juvederm Box

Juvederm Ultra Plus-XC (1.0cc) $369

(Existing Special Price. $420)

Juvederm Voluma-XC  (1.0cc) $695

(Existing Special Price  $750)

Pluslatisse box bright right

Get a Free 3mL size Lattise

2X Plus

You’ll still earn up to $40* in loyalty points towards your next treatment of Botox, Juvederm or purchase of Latisse.

Don’t you love it?

<<<We use only US FDA approved product direct from the manufacturer and at full strength >>>

* Minimal Restrictions: Minimum 20 units of Botox and 1 syringe of Juvederm during same treatment appointment.

$20 loyalty credit for Juvederm is automatically earned up to 6 syringes per 12 month period.

You’ll earn another $20 for the Botox treatment as long as: 1) the last time you earned loyalty points was at least 90 days prior to this treatment (i.e., minimum of 90 days between Botox treatments that earn loyalty points – as per FDA)

We handle the Loyalty Program for you:

  • We manage the “rebate” loyalty program for 99% of our clients.
  • That means, when your treatment is done, previously earned rebates are automatically deducted, new ones applied to your account and you just pay the amount that’s left.
  • We do the work, you get the savings, we watch you smile.


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