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How Long Does Botox Last?

One of the most common questions we’re asked about our Botox treatments is “How long will my Botox treatment last?”

While typically you can enjoy the results for about 3-4 months, there are several factors that can affect how long a Botox treatment lasts.

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Quality of Botox used

USFDA Botox shipped directly from the manufacturer is one of the most important facets of having full strength Botox. Botox is shipped from it’s manufacturing headquarters in Texas by overnight courier in FDA approved dry-ice containers. At OU Beauty, we only use this Botox (direct from manufacturer) and store it per FDA regulation. Unfortunately, some operations purchase less expensive Botox from brokers that originate overseas. This means the product can be of older manufacturing date, long shipment times and no verified chain of possession regarding proper storage. There has been much discussion through the years about whether or not this should be a legal practice, but there have recently been increased legal actions taken against this practice across more and more jurisdictions in the United States.


The amount of Botox injected into the treatment area affects how long the results last. Slightly higher doses tend to last just a bit longer. Going too high will not only not increase the time frame of the treatment, but can have negative effects in general. So, it’s more a matter of the correct dosage. In addition, if the dose is too small, it may have such a negligible effect from the outset that it won’t seem like it lasted as long when the real culprit might be that there wasn’t enough to effect the area properly to begin with.

Injector Proficiency

The technique used by the injector has a real bearing your Botox results. Skilled injectors have been trained to use various techniques to achieve better and longer lasting results, depending on the muscle make-up of the patient. An elite injector observes the muscle movement strength and interaction of your face then visualizes the underlying muscles before choosing their strategy for treatment.

Muscle Strength

The strength of the muscles being treated can also have an impact on how long the results last. If the muscles are very strong and active, the effects of the treatment may wear off more quickly or may simply require a higher dosage to address the slightly higher muscle volume. Also, it may not be a good idea to overcompensate for stronger muscles as a safety precaution.


Individual differences in metabolism have been known to affect the longevity of Botox. Though most patients fall into a very similar and  predictable patterns of metabolizing neurotoxins (such as Botox), there are instances were patients metabolize neurotoxins slower or faster than the norm. You will discover this rather quickly with your first ‘fully-effective’ treatment (meaning, not under-dosed).

Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle factors such as smoking, sun exposure, and stress can also affect how long the results last. A collection of these factors can force an inordinate amount of muscle to contraction, which may or may not, effect treatment duration.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, for most of us 3 to 4 months when using USFDA Botox direct from the manufacturer with a skilled injector.

The exceptions noted above.

If you have any questions, you can come in for a free, no obligation (and we mean that) appointment. We don’t pressure or sell, we teach and advise.

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