Laser Hair Removal

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LIGHTSheer® Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a thing of the past

OU Beauty uses the accepted Gold Standard in Laser Hair Removal technology with the Lumenis® LightSheer™ diode laser. Used by leading dermatologists and medical professionals worldwide.


What can Laser Hair Removal do for me?


Until recently, removing hair was uncomfortable, inconvenient, expensive and time-consuming. With the exception of electrolysis, which can be expensive, time intensive and painful, other methods are temporary at best.

Today, with wonderful advances in laser technology, unwanted hair is being removed effectively safely, and affordably. Laser Hair Removal is highly effective in permanently reducing unwanted hair. It works on just about any treatment area of the body where hair removal is desired: underarms, face, neck, legs, shoulders, back, bikini line, you name it.

This technology has introduced men, like never before, into the realm of hair removal. Freeing men from excessive body hair, like chest, back,neck, ears and even face.

You may be shocked at the statistical trend of people who are opting for permanent hair reduction in the bikini area and underarms. We’ve noticed a trend where bikini hair is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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How is permanent hair removal achieved?

With LightSheer™, once a hair follicle has been “disabled”, it can no longer produce hair.

The LightSheer™ system is the recognized “gold standard” in hair removal technology. Designed and manufactured by Lumenis™, the leading and most respected name in aesthetic laser technology, the LightSheer™ can disable dozens of hair follicles in less than one second, and promises long-lasting results for almost all skin types.

The LightSheer™ provides a non-invasive treatment specifically designed to eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body. The laser effectively disables hair follicles, thus impairing their growth. LightSheer™ can remove hair from all parts of the body including the face, legs, arms, underarms, and back, as well as sensitive areas like the chest, and bikini area.

Does skin color make a difference?

The more contrast between the hair and the skin the more power can be used and the fewer treatments required. Light skin with dark hair can take as little as 4 treatments and be very effective, where dark skin may require from 6 to 12 depending on how dark the skin is.

Are there any restrictions on my activity after treatment?

After your treatment, the area is cleansed and you can return to your normal activities immediately. The use of sunscreen (SPF) is recommended on any treated areas exposed to the sun. As always, it is a good idea to limit your sun exposure.

How can I get more information face to face?

We offer Lightsheer laser hair removal treatments by our celebrated technicians at both our Glendale and Los Angeles (Little Tokyo) Spa locations.

You can schedule a free consultation at OU Beauty Medical Spa by calling 818.551.1682 (818.551.1OUB).

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