Radiesse is affordable, effective and the longer lasting filler.

Unlike HA (Hyaluronic Acid), Radiesse is a calcium based filler – Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA). This feature and the microscopic spheres in it’s solution makes Radiesse last longer than most HA fillers. It also comes in a larger volume syringe (1.5mL) which is 50% more volume than most other fillers, so it’s a the great value.


Why we love Radiesse?

What makes Radiesse unique is its durability. It acts much like a scaffold under the skin, providing structure and, because of it’s microspheres, even helps stimulate your own natural collagen to grow. The production of natural collagen continues for several months.

Radiesse’ results are clinically proven to last a year or more in many patients, which means more value from each treatment and long-lasting results.

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Radiesse can help create a more youthful appearance

Collagen and elastin are two components that keep your skin smooth and youthful. Unfortunately aging and environmental factors (like sun damage) gradually slow down your bodies production both these vital components, leading to wrinkles and sagging of facial skin affecting your youthful appearance. Radiesse is the only FDA approved CaHA treatment that provides immediate results and stimulates the production of both elastin and collagen.

Moments after injection, the CaHA gel matrix provides immediate improvement

CaHA particles help create a “scaffold” that stimulates your skins production of collagen and elastin.

As the gel dissolves, it is replaced by a firm network of collagen fibers.

Naturally formed collagen and elastin structures replace the volume provided by the gel, smoothing lines and boosting renewed skin structure

Are you ready for a face to face consultation?

We offer Radiesse treatments by our celebrated injectors at both our Glendale and Los Angeles (Little Tokyo) Spa locations.

You can schedule a free consultation at OU Beauty Medical Spa by calling 818.551.1682 (818.551.1OUB).

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