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Aesthetics Secret Weapon. Microdermabrasion Paired with nutrients and oxygen for plumping is Powerful.

MicroDerm POWER Pairings
Through January 31st, 2020

We want you to experience the power of microdermabrasion. It’s one of the most powerful resources in skincare when ‘paired’ with deep penetrating serums and nutrients.

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Another Powerful Pairing: Lennon & McCartney

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Never underestimate powerful pairings!

2 Important Pairing Specials

with FREE After-Care AND Skincare Sample Kits




Timing is Everything!

The perfect time to plump, rejuvenate and feed your skin is immediately is after your microderm treatment, when the skin’s surface layer has been freshly removed allowing for extraordinary nutrient penetration. 

Here’s our 2 favorite ways of taking advantage of the ‘perfect microderm moment’.


oxygen treatment ou beautyPairing #1 Micro-Oxygen Plump

After your microdermabrasion you’re primed for a serum-plumping oxygen treatment. Great for a weekend of looking fabulous while nourishing your skin.skin care ou beauty

Pairing #2 Rejuvenator (Micro Facial)

This robust facial starts right after your microderm. This ‘powers’ the effects of the facial. An incredibly effective way to treat blemishes and fine lines.

$89*  (reg. promo pricing $178)

PLUS – A FREE After-Care Kit and Sample Pack

(The Sample Pack gets you those exclusive name-brand products you’ve been dying to try!)

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