Noyem is yet another one of our staff’s L.A. natives. A long-standing California Certified Aesthetician who has spent 20 years in the field of beauty for make-up and skincare.

In her early years of her career, Noyem did make-up on Hollywood sets. She later earned her Cosmology Degree and progressed into skincare, received advanced training in the nation’s leading skincare treatments and chemical peels. In 2018 Noyem attended and graduated from CoolSculpting University in Northern California.

Noyem left the field for 4 years to raise her family and returned to her passion here and we are genuinely thrilled she did. 

Noyem always has a smile and a informative and patient approach to her work. We are proud and pleased to offer the pleasant and caring professional care Noyem has a reputation for. She has been a blessing to OU and our patients.

Noyem also speaks fluent Armenian.