For all OU Beauty clients (that means everyone with a patient file) on all non-medical products,
On EVERY product below . . . Everyday!

* good for everything in the shop. Excludes services & medical prescription products. Not to be used in addition to already occuring specials. When a product is already on special, you’ll get the price that is lower whether it’s your 20% OFF or the special if it is more than 20% OFF.

Candles and Diffusers

In our award winning retail shop you find a full selection of candles, diffusers and other aroma therapy items by Voluspa, Seda France, Dr. Vranges, Archipelago, Aquiesse, Votivo, Thymes, Lafco, Pacifica and others.

You’ll also find a full selection of essential oils and incense for all your aromatherapy needs.

Children’s Corner

O U Beauty carries products for children too. Find products by Mustela, Noodle & Boo, Knotty Girl, Jacadi and our favorite, I Love Jeans by Elegant Baby.

You’ll also find lots of fun things for the little ones in our Fun Gift section.

Bags & Totes

Enjoy looking through our big selection of carry and tote bags with really great designs, made by Blue Q, Coelacanth, Hello Kitty, Chocolat & some others we just couldn’t resist bringing in.

They’re fun, witty and stunningly creative.

Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

Lisa personally selects the items for our costume jewelry and accessories section.

Having a big night out after your treatment? You can look through a really fun selection of exciting and chic earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even clutches and even some high fashion purses from overseas.

Hello Kitty

We have the famous Hello Kitty line; loved by adults and children alike.

How popular is Hello Kitty? Did you know we have several customers with Hello Kitty credit cards?

Unique Gifts & Retro Games & Toys

In addition to all this we’ve put together a really great gift area with funny and clever gifts for adults (a la Stuarts) and fun things for the young at heart or just young period.

From retro games and robots, to risque gifts for you and your partner for any occasion.

In our magnet section, you’ll find a statement that will cling to your refrigerator or file cabinet that’s says ‘you’.