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Truefitt & Hill

In 1805, William Truefitt opened his first Gentlemen’s Barber Shop in London. Over the years Truefitt & Hill’s clients have included the Royal Family, members of Parliament, dignitaries and countless celebrities.


George F Trumper

George F Trumper is an internationally recognised gentlemen’s barber in London and is known for its matchless range of gentlemen’s fragrances and grooming products.

Their famous shaving creams, colognes & grooming products have continued to impress since 1875



Taylor of Old Bond Street (TOB) has been manufacturing luxury grooming products for men since 1854.

One of the 3Ts (Truefitt, Trumpers & Taylor) of London, Taylor offers you a wide range of shaving shaving soap, oils, colognes & men’s shaving gifts.


Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger sets the standard for impeccable male grooming exemplifying traditional English quality style combined with state of the art design, techniques and the heritage of long established Sheffield craftsmanship.

Quality and value is what sets Edwin Jagger apart in the “wet shaving” arena.


Jack Black

Jack Black creates superior, advanced skin care for men including shaving creams, moisturizers, grooming sets, cleansers, anti-aging, and body care products specially formulated for a man’s needs. Nothing complicated, nothing cosmetic, just real solutions that provide immediate visible results.


Other Great Men’s Shaving Products

In addition, we have more great products for men.
You’ll find a great selection of “wet shaving” safety razor and assortment of blades. We also have men’s products by Proraso, Pinuad Clubman, Musgo Real, Dermalogica Shave, eShave, Lucky Tiger, Yonka Men, Merkur, Feather & Colonel Conk.

We also carry men’s accessories like combs, grooming kits, trimmers, clippers & fun men’s gifts like key chains & office desk curios.