Radiesse October Special

$100 OFF ‘Jumbo’ 1.5cc syringe
just $449!
(Thru October 31, 2022)

The Radiesse October Special 2022 is perfectly timed to rejuvenate your features, after the long hard COVID year, and offers 50% more ‘long-lasting’ filler for an incredible value.

Radiesse is a special filler. Unlike the HA (hyalauronic Acid) fillers, it’s a patented SCH (Synthetic Calcium Hydroxylapatite) filler with microspheres that not only fills beautifully like an HA filler, but has microspheres (microscopic particles) that promotes collagen growth (increasing ‘plumping’ time).

It also has 50% more volume than other fillers for a great ‘per cc’ price. Now that’s value.

Certified Advanced Injector Specialists
OU Beauty  has been one of the nation’s leading providers of Radiesse for over 14 years. And as the “Injectables Experts” any nurse who injects for OU Beauty is a Certified Advanced, because we specialize in cosmetic injections.

Best Medical Spa 12 yr Laurel Award

That’s one or more “Jumbo” (1.5cc) syringes of Radiesse®

radiesse syringe and box


50% more filler and longer lasting!

That’s $100 OFF our already low price of $550!

Radiesse (by Merz Aesthetics) is a world renown ‘Long Lasting Filler’ and at $449 for 1.5cc, its’ effective cost of under $300 per cc (mL)!

See what makes Radiesse unique and one of the world’s top names in dermal fillers. Click Here for video

Also try Merz Aesthetics Xeomin* in place of Botox or Dysport at just $9.95 per unit.

* Industry studies show Xeomin to be comparable to Botox or 3 units of Dysport.

We use only USFDA approved Xeomin and Radiesse direct from the manufacturer.

So, unlike HA fillers, not only do you get the immediate results of 1.5cc of great filler, but an extended effect through collagen stimulation from it’s microspheres.

Discover the wonders of longer lasting and fuller treatments.

OU Beauty Certified Advanced Injectors
Radiesse treatments are performed by Certified Advanced Injectors and OU Beauty has been voted #1 Medical Spa by the readers of the Pasadena Weekly 13 years running.

For a FREE and ‘no pressure’ consultation, call our Glendale Office at 818-551-1682 or our new Downtown LA office at 213-617-1682
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