Home Skincare Regimen

What you do for yourself can be as important as what we do for you here, and a great investment for your skin’s health and appearance.

Facing yourself in the mirror each morning can be a joyful experience if you take care of your skin. Address premature aging, and concentrate on repairing skin damage. Because we are a medical facility, we offer skincare products with high levels of active ingredients. Skincare products that you buy over the counter in the U.S. do not have the level of active ingredients required to produce the results attained by medical grade skin care products such as Obagi, Skinceuticals, PCA, SkinMedica, IS Clinical and others.


OU Beauty Medical Spa offers over 20 of the world’s leading skincare brands and literally hundreds of medical grade skincare products.

Even expensive Beverly Hills department store skincare products don’t offer the active ingredients and science available in medical grade products.

We carry hundreds of the world’s most famous and respected skin care products to maintain healthy skin and heal the damage caused by age, acne, lifestyle and the environment.

Our staff will listen to your needs and help you find a regimen that works for you at discounted pricing.