Before Dermal Filler

After Full Correction

Honest answers about dermal fillers

The question everyone wants to know is ‘how long do dermal fillers it last?’.

It’s not as simple to answer as you may think. We all hear the standard 4 to 6 months, and with some of the newer fillers, even longer. But I think this needs to be covered a little better.

By now, most of you know that the standard (approved) answer recommended by manufacturers is somewhere between the 4 and 6 month mark, but studies tell us that you will still have some of the original filler (hyaluronic acid) lingering in injected areas even a year later. As the ’4 to 6 months’ answer is an attempt to tell you how long you may ‘see’ the results, here’s a bit more informed answer.

It’s affected by how much correction you do.

Although a single syringe can do wonders when pinpointed to a specific area, the same syringe spread over a broad area will minimize its effect everywhere and the desired results won’t appear to last as long.

Also, If you’re like me (early 60s), then a single syringe will certainly do something nice, but with deeper creases and needed support, even a small amount of dissipation may leave us wanting. On the other hand a 20-something person might feel very happy with the treatment for more than 4 months. And why not? They’re still regenerating dermal cells very quickly, they have great elastine support and frankly, they don’t need much to see what they’d like to see.

Full Correction:

There’s a term that we use these days. It’s called ‘Full Correction’. This is usually a multi-syringe treatment. Full correction treatments last much longer. In fact, many of the new fillers now claim 12-18 months on a ‘full correction’ treatment (usually 3 or 4 syringes).

Just remember, ‘full correction’ means something different to a 20 year old than it does to a 60 year old. a 25 year old uses filler for ‘enhancement’ or ‘symmetry’, while I use it for anti-aging lifting and support.

So when I do my treatments I just try to make sure I get enough. Don’t let this be a sales pitch to do more. The intention is to inform you on what to expect and what dermal fillers really can do for you. So, don’t worry, you can still get the results you want little by little.

Of course, most of us don’t have the budget to do 3 or 4 syringes all at once, but I like how our more experienced clients do it. They don’t ‘start over’ every 4 to 6 months – they tweak continually (monthly or bi-monthly). I’ve always felt they get more value when they do less more often. In this way we can focus on specific areas of concern.

Personally, I’ve noticed that I’m pretty happy with my nasal labials for a little longer than my mid-face. I’m always concerned about the ‘droop’ on my upper cheeks, which need more diligence. My nasal labials aren’t nearly as demanding, so when I ‘tweak’, I almost always add filler to my mid face and often skip the nasal labial folds. Everyone is different on this point, because truly, truly, no two faces are alike.

So, in summary! Ideally you’d try to get as close to ‘full correction’ as you’re comfortable with (budget wise) on your initial treatment and ‘tweak’ from there.

I agree that 4-6 months is a pretty good answer, but it also begs the question I think the client is really asking, which is, how much will this cost me to keep looking my best.